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Disaster Services








Answering the call

Major earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and terrorist’s attacks are just a few reoccurring disasters we encounter throughout the United States as well as the throughout the entire globe. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have died due to disasters, and many more left homeless. Although initial relieve efforts are available, they are often short-term—and lacking in sustainability.







Hope Starters USA, INC. plays an important role in providing aid and support during disasters. Here are some ways Hope Starters USA, INC. help during disasters:

  1. Provide Emergency Relief: Hope Starters USA, INC. provide immediate assistance in the form of food, water, and shelter to the victims of disasters.

  2. Coordinate Volunteers: Hope Starters USA, INC. coordinate the efforts of volunteers who want to help out in the disaster-affected areas. Our volunteers are trained to provide various types of assistance, such as medical care, search and rescue, and distribution of relief supplies.

  3. Provide Medical Assistance: Hope Starters USA, INC. provide medical assistance to those affected by disasters. We assist in setting up mobile clinics and hospitals to treat the injured and sick.

  4. Raise Awareness: Hope Starters USA, INC. raise awareness about disaster preparedness and safety measures that can be taken to minimize the damage caused by natural disasters.

  5. Fundraising: Hope Starters USA, INC. help raise funds for disaster relief efforts. We solicit donations from individuals, corporations, and other organizations.

  6. Long-term Recovery: Hope Starters USA, INC. play a critical role in the long-term recovery efforts after a disaster. We provide assistance in rebuilding homes and infrastructure and offer counseling and mental health services to those affected.



Overall, Hope Starters USA, INC. is working to be an essential part of the disaster

response ecosystem, providing aid and support to those in need during and after

disasters. These storms, disaster, attacks, and tragedy leave countless families

immobilized by grief and loss, and often homeless, unemployed, or facing financial


hardship and we can help.



Did You Know?


• There were 2,996 individuals who died as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

• There were approximately 1,836 casualties as the result of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

• The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season produced 12 tropical cyclones, 11 named storms, and 4 hurricanes.

Tropical Storm
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